Chronic Pain

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If you have found yourself on this page, then you must be suffering physically in some capacity. It is often told to us that the only option for chronic pain is medication and to grin and bear it. I’d like to offer an alternative solution.

One of the fastest growing and widely accepted ways to manage and help decrease the severity of chronic pain is through meditation and mindfulness. A pioneer in the field is Jon Kabat-Zinn who brought Eastern and Western philosophy together to explore the use of meditation as a form of helping sufferers of chronic pain. It has been researched and proven time and again that while mindfulness/meditation may not completely take away the pain a person experiences, it improves ability to tolerate pain and may, in some cases, lessen the pain experienced overall, lessens symptoms of depression, increases one’s physical functioning overall, and increases positive emotional experiences.

I have been trained by the PESI Institute on utilizing meditation and mindfulness, in combination with cognitive therapy to address chronic pain issues. Chronic pain is a dynamic concern that involves more than simply experiencing pain. We experience pain the same way in the brain whether it is physically or emotionally, giving insight and understanding into why, for many of us dealing with chronic pain, when we feel stressed, depressed, overwhelmed, are grieving, and so on, our pain worsens. Meditation and mindfulness works to both befriend the experience of our emotions and embrace our physical pain to help it become more manageable.

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If you aren’t sure you’re ready for counseling and want a helpful resource now for chronic pain management, check out the book: A Day Without Pain by Mel Pohl

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