Animal-Assisted Therapy

Meet Cooper!

Certified Therapy Dog through PAWSitive Therapeutic Interventions and a Canine Good Citizen through the American Kennel Club.

Dogs and other animals have long been known for their comforting and joyous ways of connecting to humans, and it has been widely accepted and promoted in the medical and therapeutic world the benefits of having animals around.

Cooper loves to be a part of the therapeutic process and an active participant in counseling. He often participates in mindfulness exercises or cognitive-behavioral exercises when someone is struggling with trauma, depression, or anxiety, and he tends to find a way to nuzzle his forehead against a person’s legs reminding us to remain in the present moment and that he is there to help.

The innate connection between Cooper and client is different than the connection between client and therapist. Unlike working with a counselor, Cooper cannot speak with words, but what he does say speaks volumes louder in helping people to realize their inner resilience, their rights to boundaries, and their sense of self-worth.

Please let me know if Cooper is a welcome member of the therapy team and he will be ready to greet you at your next session.

Note: Many adolescents and young adults respond well to having a therapy dog in the room as it promotes safety and trust. If you are a parent or concerned adult who has a referral for a teen (ages 11+), please give me a call to discuss the possibility of their participation in AAT with Cooper.

Why Animal-Assisted Therapy Works:

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