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Alyssa Overton MA, LMHC, SUDPT (She/Her)

Welcome to Aspen Clinical Counseling, LLC

Welcome to your first step in making positive change in your life! *Please note I am not accepting new clients at this time as I will be starting a sabbatical on December 17, 2021. I will not hold a waitlist during this time, but am happy to make referrals for clinicians who work similarly to myself, if needed.*

To delve further into my experience: I am a licensed mental health therapist (LMHC; License #: LH60943639) and substance use disorder professional (SUDPT; License #: CO60898651) and received my Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with an emphasis in Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy from Naropa University, where I trained in meditation/mindfulness, psychodynamic, psychoanalytic, dialectical behavioral therapy, Gestalt therapy, transpersonal psychology, and wilderness therapy. I have several years of post-graduate level training in treating substance use disorders and behavioral compulsions through Seattle University. I am a Level I EMDR Practitioner and am certified in Advanced Animal-Assisted Therapy and CBT and Mindfulness-Based Chronic Pain management.

I have experience as a mental health professional working in various capacities as both a mental health clinician and addiction counselor. I began my journey as an equine-therapy facilitator working with various groups of people who had significant mental health needs, children ages 5-17 with behavioral concerns and neuro-diverse issues, women who had suffered childhood sexual trauma, and young adults in recovery. This setting provided an opportunity to facilitate emotional contact between horse and human as a means for teaching grounding skills, bringing about self-awareness and insight into one’s emotional experience, and to support change by allowing for meaningful interpretations of a person’s experience of working with the animals.

As a mental health clinician in inpatient addiction treatment, I diagnosed, treated, and supported individuals’ suffering from dual-diagnosis mental health and substance use disorders, including facilitating healthy communication, boundary setting, and providing education to the clients and their loved ones. In addition, I facilitated and developed curricula for the young adult recovery track at the treatment center for those who were 18-24 years old as part of my duties as a mental health professional. I helped engage these clients to participate in developmentally appropriate interventions by utilizing experiential therapies. These primarily consisted of wilderness therapy and mindfulness interventions, including rock climbing, hiking, nature-based meditation, and horticulture therapies.

Following my work in inpatient settings, I moved to outpatient treatment for addiction and facilitated individual and group counseling to those suffering from co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. It is through these experiences and my training that I have taken on a blended therapeutic approach that allows for individualized care and support to your process so that we are working together to best meet your needs. It has been made clear to me that no one treatment modality or intervention is right for every person, so I work to promote healing by using and teaching the tools that will best help you to achieve your goals.

Furthermore, I am an avid believer in doing my own self-exploration, meditation, and therapy. I believe my own continued spiritual and intellectual development is essential to providing my clients with effective treatment. I do my very best to practice what I offer, and I hold integrity and honesty as core values. I am honored to integrate our therapeutic processes with your personal path to greater self-awareness and growth.

Meet Cooper, my certified and well-trained Therapy Dog. Cooper is recognized through PAWSitive Therapeutic Inc. as a therapy dog and often works actively with myself and my clients during session, as appropriate.

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Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation

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Harmony Foundation Inc.

Mental Health Professional

Lakeside-Milam Recovery Centers

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