The Roots of Aspen Clinical Counseling

Welcome to the beginning of your journey…

Alyssa Overton MA, LMHC, SUDPT

Aspen Clinical Counseling is inspired by the Aspen tree and parallels how I view my work with clients. The Aspen grove is one of the largest living organisms in the world. When one grove of trees is sick and needs help, neighboring groves send resources through nutrient pathways to help it thrive. Much like Aspen trees, I believe that healing is rooted in the connection between counselor and client. The dynamic therapeutic relationship and the exploration of self provides opportunity for growth and change. Through utilizing evidence-based practices, empathic listening, and a blended therapeutic approach, I will walk alongside you to help you gain the tools and skills needed to reach your goals.

I must be a mermaid for I have no fear of depth, and a great fear of shallow living.

– Anais Nin

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